Have you ever been on YouTube watching something, and then a few videos later you end up watching something that is absolutely nowhere near where you started from? That was me when I first discovered Soap Making in 2014. I couldn’t stop the fascination growing within me. I was 7 months pregnant at the time and all I could do was lounge around and watch dozens of videos of people making soaps, bath bombs and other bath and body goods.

I wanted to learn more.

I took to the web and immediately immersed myself into the world that is Cold Process Soap Making. Having a history of jumping in and out of various mediums of handmade crafts I honestly thought at the time that I had just caught the Soap Making Bug and it would eventually pass.

But it never did. I began looking up online stores that would provide recipes and kits to make anything that was remotely related to what my inner craftsman was craving.

I also learned that you don’t jump into making CP (short for Cold Process) without the proper knowledge of how it’s done. You’re dealing with sodium hydroxide, a caustic substance, which nobody should ever handle without the proper ins and outs. I spent months researching and watching numerous tutorials on the process.

When I finally made that first batch of CP soap, I knew I was hooked. I made several batches trying to come up with my perfect recipe that had all the needed benefits and more.

Now years later, my knowledge of the craft has increased exponentially. I started with making soap but that has grown to include Bath Bombs, Candles and several other items as well. I’ve picked up so much and more. I have done several events and my products were even featured on Good Morning Washington and Wake Up Washington. I also had a short term lease at Springfield Town Center during the summer of 2017. As of August of 2020, I have opened my shop at the Tanger Outlets National Harbor.